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Brass Alloys


Leaded Brass

High Leaded Brass C34500 CZ131 CW601N C3560 CuZn34Pb2
Forging Brass C37700 CZ120 CW608N,CW617N C3771 BE 2.0380 1634-CuZn38Pb2
Threaded Rolling Brass C35300 CZ119 CW606N H3260(92) C3501 W CuZn44Pb2 1639-CuZn43Pb2
Architectural Bronze C38000 CZ122 CW618N H3100 C3561 CuZn39Pb2 1634-CuZn39Sn1
Free Machining Brass C36000 CZ124 CW603N C3601 2.0375 CuZn36Pb3
Architectural Bronze C38500 CZ121 CW614N C3603 CuZn39Pb3 1637-CuZn39Pb3
Free Cutting Muntz Metal C37000 CZ124 CW607N H3100(92)C3713 2.03720

Naval Brass

Naval Brass C46200 CZ112 H3100(92)C4621 P
Naval Brass C46400 CZ114 CW719R H3100(92)C4640 BE 2.0530 1634-CuZn38Sn1
Naval Brass C48200 CW714R CuZn37Pb1Sn1 426-1 CuZn37pb1Sn1
Naval Brass C48500 CZ134 CW711R 2.0371 CuZn39Pb2Sn

Nickel Silver Brass

Nickel Silver Brass C77400
Nickel Silver Brass C77600
Nickel Silver Brass C79800 CW400J 2.0770 1637-CuNi10Zn42Pb2
Nickel Silver Brass C79860 CW407J, CW408J 2.0750 CuNi12Zn37Mn6Pb2

Yellow Brass

Cartridge Brass Yellow Brass C26000 CZ106 CW505L H3250(92)C2600 BE 2.0265 CuZn30
Yellow Brass C27000 CZ107 CW507L H3250(92) C2700 BE 2.0335 CuZn36
Yellow Brass C27200 CZ108 CW507L H3100(92)C2720 2.0321,CuZn37;CuZn36 1637-CuZn37
Yellow Brass C27400 CZ108 CW508L H3100(92)C2720 CuZn37 1634 -CuZn37

Other Brass

Aluminum Brass C68700 CZ110 CW702R H3300(92) C6870 T 2.0460
Manganese Brass C66800 CZ110
Muntz Metal C28000 CZ109 CW509L C2801 CuZn40 1634-CuZn40
Silicon Red Brass C69400
Admiralty Brass C44300 CZ111 CW706R H3100(92) C4430 P/R 2.0470 CuZn28Sn1
Silicon Red Brass C69430
Manganese Brass C66700

Eco Brass / DZR Brass
(Dezincification Resistant Brass)

Lead Free Brass C27450 CZ121 CuZn37
Low Leaded Brass C33000 CW705R C330
Eco Brass C69300 CW724R CuZn21Si3P
Dezincification Resistant Brass C35200 CZ132 CW602N
Dezincification Resistant Forging Brass C48600 CZ111 C4430 2.0371 CuZn28Sn1
Copper-Lead-Zinc Alloy C36300 CW508L CuZn37
Leaded Muntz Metal C36500 CZ123 CW610N 2.0372 1634 - CuZn40Pb

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