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Bronze Alloys


Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze C61400 CA106 CW303G H3100(92) C6140 P 2.0932 1634-CuAl8Fe3
Aluminum Bronze C62500 CA103
Aluminum Bronze C61800 CW305G Z3341(93)-YCuAl 2.0940 1640 -CuAl10Fe
Aluminum Bronze "9A" C95200 CC331G 2.0941 1338-CuAl10Fe2
Aluminum Bronze C62300 CA103 CW306G H3100(92) C6161 BE/BD/BF 2.0966 CuAl10Fe3
Aluminum Bronze "9C" C95400 AB1-C H5114
Aluminum Bronze C62400 CA106
Aluminum Bronze C95900 CW304G H5111-BC1 2.0962 4382-2 - CuSn8P

Silicon Aluminum Bronze

Silicon Aluminum Bronze C63600 CuAl3Si
Silicon Bronze (AMS 4616) C65620 CW009A CuSi3Fe2Sn3
Silicon Aluminum Bronze C64200 CA107 CW301G CuAl7Si2 CuAl7Si2
Low Silicon Bronze "B" C65100 CW115C 2.0490 1187-CuSi1
High Silicon Bronze "A" C65500 CS101 CW116C 2.1525 R1187-CuSi3Mn1

Manganese Bronze

Manganese Bronze C66800
Manganese Bronze C67500 CW722R 1635 CuZn39AlFeMn
Manganese Bronze B C67000 CZ116 CW704R C6140 2.0500 CuAl8Fe3
Manganese Bronze C67600 CW721R
Manganese Bronze C67300 2.0525 CuNi18Zn19Pb1
Manganese Bronze C86200 H2205(00) HBSCln3 2.0608 1338-CuZn26Al4Fe3Mn3
Manganese Bronze C33500 CW713R 2.0550 CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63000 CA104,CA105 CW307G H3100(92) C6280 P 2.0966 1634-2-CuAl10Ni5Fe4
Alpha Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800 CA104 AB1 H2206(00) AlBCln2 2.0976 CuAl10Fe5Ni5
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63020 CA104 CW307G H3100 C6301 2.0978 1338- CuAl11Ni5Fe5
Nickel Tin Bronze Spinodal C96900 CW302G
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63200 CA104 CW307G CAC303 (HBsC3) 2.0978 1637-CuAl10Fe5Ni5
Nickel Aluminum Bronze 9D C95500 AB2-C CC333G H2206(00)-AlBCln3 2.0940 1338-CuAl10Fe5Ni5
NES 833 - Nickel Aluminum Bronze C62730 CA 104 CW307G C6301 2.0966 CuAl10Ni5Fe4

Leaded Commercial Bronze

Low Leaded Nickel Copper C19140 CuNiPbP
Leaded Nickel Copper C19160 CuNi1Pb1P
Leaded Commercial Bronze C31400 CuZn9Pb2
Nickel Leaded Commercial C31600

Phosphorus Bronze

Phosphorus Bronze C51000 PB102 CW451K C5102 / 3270 CuSn4 1634-CuSn5
Phosphorus Bronze C54400 CW458K H3270(92) C5341 B CuSn5Pb1 CuSn5Pb1

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