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Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)

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Copper Pipe for Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)

Medical Grade Copper Pipes

At Metal Alloys Corporation we proudly manufacture marked Medical Grade Copper Pipes used in Medical Gas Distribution system. Uninterrupted Medical Gas supply is a necessity in hospitals (ICCU, Operation Theater, Wards, Nursery etc). Pipes facilitate this in most effective manner.

marked medical grade copper tubes are manufactured as per EN13348 / BS EN 1057 specifications. The pipes are manufactured under thorough inspections and quality control measures.

marked medical grade copper tubes are available in size range 6mm to 108mm OD, 0.6mm to 2.0mm wall thickness in Half Hard/Hard conditions and Length 3 meter as per requirement.

Pipes are subjected to Third Party Inspection agencies like Lloyds, SGS, TUV as per customer demand.

Copper Pipe for Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)
Copper Pipe for Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)

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Mandatory Specifications

Particular Standard METALCO
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Copper (Cu) + Silver (Ag) 99.90% Spectro Analysis done per heat as per standard tolerances.
Phosphorous 0.015% to 0.04%
CARBON CONTENT TEST Determining lubricant residue as total Carbon Content by measuring Carbon Dioxide Generated. Tested with Combustion Method as per EN723:2009
Temper Tensile Strength Elongation Hardness (Indicative)
As per EN1773 Common Term MPa min. A % min HV 5
R220 annealed 220 40 (40 to 75) Specifications maintained with help of In house testing facility.
R250 half hard 250 30 (75 to 100)
R290 hard 290 3 (min. 100)
DRIFTING TEST Depending on Size and Temper Mandatory/Agreed Terms Conical Mandrel @ 45º with tube end expanding 30º
FREE FROM DEFECT TEST Eddy Current Test for detection of local defects EDDY Current Test Conducted in accordance with EN1971
CLEANLINESS REQUIREMENT Degreased, End Caps Degreasing and End caps are fixed at both end of the pipe.

Wall Thickness
Nominal Outside Tolerance on wall thickness
diameter (mm) e< 1 mm(%) e> 1 mm(%)
< 18 10 13
18 10 15

Copper Tubes For MGPS

Medical Grade Copper Tubes as per EN 13348 / BS EN 1057 Specification
Sr. No. Outer Diameter MM Wall Thickness MM Wall Thickness Tolerance Temper Length (Meter) Weight Per Meter (in Kg)
Dimension Technical Details
1 10 0.6 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 0.158
2 12 0.7 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 0.222
3 15 0.9 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 0.356
4 22 0.9 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 0.533
5 28 0.9 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 0.685
6 35 1.2 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 1.139
7 42 1.2 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 1.375
8 54 1.2 +/- 10% Half Hard 3 Meter. 1.780
9 76 1.5 +/- 15% Half Hard 3 Meter. 2.096
10 108 1.5 +/- 15% Hard 3 Meter. 2.992

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Brass Tube for Automobile Bush

Brass Tube for Automobile Bush
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We at Metal Alloys Corporation Proudly present an Innovative Solution for the Bushings applications. Traditionally the bush / sleeve bearing are made from various Bronze Hollows which are prepared by Sand Casting or Gravity Casting method. We present Silicon Brass – CuZn31Si1 an alternate to costlier Bronze Hollows with Higher Hardness, Better Density and Higher turning capacity.

Chemical :
Chemical SpecificationsCuPbSiNiFeOthersZn
 66-700.8 Max0.7 - 1.30.5 Max0.4 Max0.05 MaxRem

Difference :
Seamless Tube Aluminum Bronze (Casted Hollow)
Chemical Specifications Cu Pb Si Ni Fe Others Zn Cu Al Ni Fe Mn Others
66-70 0.8 Max 0.7 - 1.3 0.5 Max 0.4 Max .05 Max Rem 81 11.1-
0.5 Max 3.0 - 5.0 3.5 Max 0.50
Technical Specifications As per EN 12449 (CW708 R) As per ASTM B148 UNS C95400 (As Cast)
UTS 550-710 MPa UTS 515 MPa
0.2% Proof Strength > 500 MPa 0.2% Proof Strength > 400 MPa
Elongation > 7 % Elongation 6 %
Hardness 150-180 HB Hardness 120-150 HB
Grain Structue
  • Alpha & Beta phase uniformaly distributed
  • Grain structure is compact and unidirectional
  • Grain size is less then 0.025µ mm

  • Alpha & Beta phase non uniformly distributed
  • Scattered Grain structure
  • Grain size
Manufacturing Process Seamless Extrusion of Hollows
  • Higher compactness
  • Better hardness
  • Surface roughness (RA) of finished product can be easily achieved with minimum turning loss.
Sand / Gravity Casting Methods
  • Low compactness
  • Higher porosity
  • Higher machining cost
Machining Better machinability as brass alloy with minimum Process loss. Due to alloy composition higher machining Required for achieving desired component.

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Tubes for Synchronizer Rings

Tubes for Synchronizer Rings
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We Supplies Tubes / Hollows for Synchronizer Rings manufacturer, this synchronizer rings can be used in highly stressed transmissions, Gears. We have a state-of-the-art production unit that is well equipped with latest technology and machines. Our workforce comprises of skilled professionals, experts and laborious workers. Our professionals contribute comprehensive knowledge to meet our clients' specifications and maximize their satisfaction. These are machined in line with the set industry standards using qualitative raw materials that are sourced from authentic vendors of the domain. Available in different standard specifications, the tubes can also be customized as per the clients' specifications.


Technical Specifications :
ElementSymbol% Weight% Weight
CopperCu60 ~ 6457 ~ 65
AluminumAl1.9 ~ 3.51.5 ~ 4.0
LeadPb0.15 Max.1.0 Max.
ChromiumCr0.1 ~ 0.250.10 ~ 0.25
ManganeseMn2.5 ~ 3.52.5 ~ 3.5
SiliconSi0.6 ~ 1.20.6 ~ 1.2
NickelNi0.3 ~ 0.50.3 ~ 0.5

Mechanical Properties
Property Specification Units
Tensile Strength Min.650 (2540111)
550 (2540113)
Min.600 (2560113/119)
Elongation Min. 12 %
Hardness 90 ~ 100 HRB

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